NOTICE is hereby given to each person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Town of Lowell, Dodge County, WI shall not permit to grow or pollinate upon his premises any weeds, grasses or brush which causes or produces hay fever to human beings, exhale unpleasant or noxious odors or may conceal filthy deposits or provide a place for the accumulation of trash or litter.  Such noxious weeds shall include, but are not limited to, Canadian Thistle, Leafy Spurge and Field Bindweed (Creeping Jenny).

          In order to prevent such growth and pollination, it shall be the duty of every property owner to mow or cause to be mowed upon his premises all grasses, weeds, and brush exceeding one (1) foot in height and/or before the plant matures to bloom or flower stage.  (Per WI State Statutes 66.0407)

                                                David W. Huebner, Weed Commissioner

                                                Gregory Caine, Weed Commissioner